A boy on his laptop doing schoolwork using Viasat satellite internet

Digital inclusion is the heart of our mission

See how Viasat is helping bridge the digital divide — with nearly every aspect of our business

Why does digital inclusion matter?

Digital inclusion ensures everyone has access to the information, tools, and resources that improve:

  • Education. Access to the internet provides access to valuable online educational content and resources — for schoolchildren contending with an increasingly online-based educational system, and adults looking to learn new job skills to grow their careers.
  • Healthcare. Connectivity brings life-enhancing and life-saving telehealth resources to remote communities that are unserved or underserved by physicians and healthcare facilities.
  • Safety. From early warning to crisis management, connectivity is essential to delivering the information and resources that save lives.
  • Productivity. Connectivity is inextricably tied to almost every aspect of our lives — it’s core to how we connect, collaborate, and communicate, making businesses and individuals alike more efficient and effective.
  • Prosperity. Digital inclusion enables people to participate in the digital economy — giving them access to tools and resources that can help them pursue new opportunities and realize their potential.
A man on a derrick at sea, using Viasat internet to improve safety for maritime workers

Digital inclusion across Viasat

Viasat helps keep customers connected across land, air, and sea — delivering fast and realiable connectivity when, where, and how it's needed most to help bridge the digital divide.

  • Aviation. We keep commercial and business passengers connected, entertained, and productive around the globe.
  • Maritime. Merchant, offshore and energy, fishing, and cruise ships all depend on Viasat to help drive operational excellence and improve crew and passenger welfare and safety.
  • Government. When connectivity and communications are of the utmost importance  — across land, sea, and air — governments worldwide trust Viasat for their most critical applications.
  • Enterprise. Viasat connects industries around the world so they can remain productive and pursue opportunity — wherever it takes them.
  • Home & small business. Viasat connects homes and small businesses — including areas where the cable or fiber don’t go — so they can take part in the digital world.
  • Community. Viasat connects unserved and underserved communities around the world — and works with partners to help provide the equipment and digital literacy skills necessary to help the people who live there make the most of  their connection.
A Viasat volunteer  helping bridge the digital divide by connecting schoolchildren with online educational resources

Digital inclusion unlocks opportunity for the world

Digital inclusion is directly linked to equity and inclusion by providing access to health care, education, and economic opportunity, and improving nearly every aspect of life — but to date, around half the world is either unserved or underserved with access to high-quality, affordable internet. 2.7 billion people remain unconnected because the internet in their area is unreliable, inadequate, too expensive — or simply not available where they live. 


Viasat believes everyone and everything can be connected. Along with several key partners, we’re delivering high-quality, affordable bandwidth to unserved and underserved communities worldwide. When, where, and how it’s needed most. It’s our mission. It's our business. And it's our legacy.

a woman using a tablet for a telehealth appointment, connected by Viasat satellite internet

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